Yoast SEO App Review

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A wide range of WordPress plugins are available out there for the website owners who are struggling with search engine optimization. Yoast holds a prominent place out of them as you will see in this Yoast SEO app review.

Optimizing your website cannot be considered as a simple task. You will need to pay your attention to several areas and spend a lot of time as well as money. Yoast can help you to make your life easy by guiding you in the right path.

What exactly is Yoast SEO App?

Yoast WordPress SEO offers a wide range of SEO related services for the people in need. The main objective of it is to analyze the posts in your WordPress website based on focus keywords.

In other words, Yoast will have a look at the title, URL, description and content to determine whether your posts are associated with a clear SEO focus. Yoast will also check whether the Meta description in your blog/website contains the focus keyword.

Then it will assist you to write Meta descriptions and titles for all the categories that are available in your website. This will further optimize your website and help you to rank your website at a higher place in search engine result pages.

Yoast WordPress SEO plugin will help you to enable pretty permalinks. This will impress the visitors who are coming to your website and it will increase your Alexa rank in the long run.

Then you can use Yoast to insert Meta information into the code with less hassle. You can also use Yoast to control the indexing of archives and categories in your websites. It is even possible to create an XML sitemap with Yoast.

How to get the Yoast SEO App?

If you have a compatible theme in your website you will be able to add breadcrumbs to your website. Many WordPress users in the modern world find it as a hard task to edit their robots.txt and .htaccess files.

If you use Yoast it will not be a problem to you. In fact, using Yoast is the most convenient option available for the WordPress users to edit their robots.txt and .htaccess files.

Website owners who are planning to optimize their websites in search engines should pay special attention towards social media networks. Since Yoast comes along with Twitter card implementation and Facebook Open Graph Implementation, you will get the opportunity to engage with social media optimization with less hassle.

The best thing about Yoast is that it is compatible with a large number of other SEO plugins. Therefore, you can easily import data from other compatible plugins to Yoast.

Yoast can also be used to add rel=”author” to your WordPress website. In addition, using Yoast can be considered as the most convenient option available out there to perform 301 redirects and add canonical URLs.

All these features come to you at an affordable price tag and the benefits you get are totally worth when compared to the amount you pay. Therefore, any WordPress user can think of purchasing Yoast without any doubt on mind.

Prominent features offered by Yoast SEO App

Alon with the Yoast SEO App you can gain access to numerous impressive features. These features have made Yoast SEO App so popular among people as well. So, it is worthy to understand what those features are and get ready to explore them while using the app.

Editing Meta Tags

One of the key features that come along with Yoast SEO App is the ability to edit meta tags. You will be able to use Yoast SEO App and update both page titles as well as meta descriptions.

This will contribute a lot towards the search engine rankings that you can secure. You will be able to use Yoast SEO App and optimize the meta descriptions and meta titles with keywords. You can also have them in the proper length. Therefore, you can get assistance with securing better rankings on search engines.

Managing XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemaps is another great feature that can contribute a lot towards the positive results that you can get out of your SEO campaigns. With the help of Yoast SEO App you can manage them quite effectively as well.

The Yoast SEO App will be able to help you with managing the XML Sitemap, so that you can increase your chances of being discovered by Google for indexing on the search engine results pages. To experience this benefit, you just need to get the sitemap by accessing Yoast dashboard.

Then you will need to submit that so that you can index your website within the Google Search Console. Since Yoast SEO App is doing most of the work for you, you don’t have to worry too much on it.

Setting Up Meta Tags For Social Media

You will need to keep on sharing the content of your website on social media networks to receive maximum results. Yoast SEO App will be able to help you with that.

In fact the features of Yoast SEO App will help you to define different meta tags, which you can use for social media and end up with getting effective results. This is one of the highly rated features that come along with Yoast SEO App. You will also be able to customize the featured image that appears when you share something on your website within social media.

Internal Links Counter

Yoast SEO App has a dedicated feature which will help you to count and understand the total number of internal links. This is another useful feature that you can get along with Yoast SEO App.

When you are updating a page you can make sure that you are not missing out any of the internal links as well. This will eventually help you to preserve the backlink structure of your website. This can help you to secure better rankings.

Final Words: Yoast SEO App Review

Now you have a strong understanding about the Yoast SEO App. If you are trying to take your SEO game to the next level it is an app that you must be using.

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