Youtube Review: How Can Seniors Make Money on Youtube

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When you want to share that is one reason why social media was invented. You can share almost any video you want, within reason, and you can even do it when you are a senior and seeking a second career. One avenue you can use is called YouTube and to find out all about this video sharing outlet, just continue to read our YouTube review. You may find that this video sharing outlet is the right fit for your ventures.

What is YouTube?

All this website does is allow people to post their favorite videos and their own videos. It is a way to reach other people through your own creative expression or social agenda. Plus, you are allowed to watch other people’s videos as well as your own.

Youtube helps fill in those lonely hours and lets you see old movies without commercial interruption, if you have an ad blocker. You also get more variety than your broadcast and cable networks provide without paying any fees.

Then, you are allowed to create your own channel and make sure people get to see what they want to look at. It is an easy-to-use entertainment and other platform

How Does YouTube Work?

The process is just as simple. All you have to do is sign up for one of the many different account possibilities and then follow the instructions. You also have to follow the rules.

Account holders are not allowed to post graphic violence, frontal nudity, porn, disturbing/disgusting content nor are they allowed to violate copyright laws. Hate speech is not allowed and that comes with a broad definition.

Then you are not allowed to reveal personal information you get from other users. Once your video or videos comply with the rules, you can upload it or them.

Can You Make Money With YouTube?

Yes, it is possible for you even as a senior to make money using this social media outlet. There is no upper age limit for users so if you have a great idea, you can make a video about it and post it.

Once that is done, you can monetize your account or video so that when people see it and click on ads, etc., you make a little money. There are 6 ways, according to Google, to make money through this website and once you build your audience you can implement these 6 methods to their fullest potential.

It is possible to make a lot of money through your videos, but they have to be really good and what people want to see in order to achieve those high earner levels.

Examples Of How To Make Money With YouTube

The rules are always changing so you need to stay current with the different ways to make money. But according to Google, which owns YouTube, you need to use Adsense as one way to make money.

Then you can make money through channel the Youtube Partner Program, memberships, selling merchandise, use a program called super chat; super stickers, and finally, be a part of the YouTube Premium revenue plan.

We can’t give you all the details here as that would take up too much space. However, you can click this link to start your senior YouTube business and make some money.

Youtube Review Pros:

create any video content you like, within reasons
your own personal channel
create podcasts and do interviews of famous people
collaborate with other YouTube members
watch any video at any time in any order
doesn’t cost anything initially
can build your own audience
can be viewed on every device
a source of entertainment
learn about different cultures without travel expenses and risks

Youtube Review Cons:

no privacy, anyone in the world can view it
can view inappropriate content
hard to find new content from favorite posters
copyright infringements possible (legal action can be taken against you)
may get you more fame than you really want
some videos are too long while others are too short
the comment section is a field day for trolls
video canceled easily for supposed violations

Any Negatives Lawsuits, Complaints etc?

Yes, there are and have been many lawsuits filed against either YouTube or Google. Some are quite famous, and others are about losing their channel and content without prior notice. There is also a lawsuit about mental health consequences all of which are too detailed to mention here.

None of the lawsuits are really for anything illegal that YouTube has done that we can see. Some are about civil rights and others are about how YouTube has infringed on copyrights.

Also, there are too many negatives about this website that can be mentioned here as some may be frivolous while others may be legitimate complaints

Is YouTube Legitimate?

Again, the answer is in the positive. YouTube is a legitimate company even though it is owned by Google. It is possible to make money and another article would be needed to explain how you are paid by Google once your senior account starts making any money.

The problem comes in when YouTube members have different views than Google employees or ownership. You have to be careful to navigate through those waters with great care. It will take time to build up an audience and make any money- just like any other business you try.

Don’t let the lawsuits fool you, there are still plenty of members who do make money even if they disagree with Google.

Final Thoughts: Youtube Review: How Can Seniors Make Money on Youtube

If you like to be a star and can handle the fame, YouTube as a senior business opportunity sounds like a good idea. The uploading of videos seems to be smooth and easy plus, you get a lot of freedom to create your content.

Just be wise when you go to produce your content as pushing the envelope or the boundaries is not always the smartest way to go. There are a lot more details and information you need to know about but can’t be put in this YouTube review.


YouTube pays content creators based on a number of factors, including the number of views, engagement, and click-through rate. However, they also consider the quality of the content. So, if you’re creating high-quality videos, you’re more likely to get paid more per view.

In general, you’ll need to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months before you can start earning money from your YouTube channel. Additionally, your videos will need to be monetized, meaning that you’ll need to enable ads on your videos. Once you reach this threshold, YouTube will review your channel and determine whether or not you’re eligible to start earning money.

So, if you’re looking to supplement your income with a side hustle, YouTube is a great option.

How do I make money on youtube without uploading videos?

If you’re retired and looking for ways to make some extra money, then you may want to consider becoming a YouTuber. You don’t need to be a video expert or have any fancy equipment; all you need is a computer and an internet connection. Even better, you can work from anywhere in the world. And best of all, there are a number of ways to make money on YouTube without even uploading videos. Here are some ideas:

1. Use YouTube as a platform to sell products or services. If you have an existing business, you can create product demonstration videos and post them on your YouTube channel. You can also use YouTube to promote your freelance services, such as tutoring, design work, or writing services.

2. Use YouTube to generate leads for your business. If you have a business website, you can include a link to your site in the description of your videos. This is an effective way to drive traffic to your site and generate leads for your business.

3. Use YouTube to create an online course. If you have expertise in a particular area, you can create a series of instructional courses and sell them on Youtube.

While it is possible to make money on YouTube without making videos, it is not easy. There are a number of ways to generate income from YouTube, but the most common is through advertising.

To be eligible for advertising revenue, you must first sign up for AdSense. Once you have been approved, you can then enable ads on your videos. When viewers watch your videos, they will see short advertisements before or during the video. You will earn money based on how many times the ad is viewed.

Another way to generate income from YouTube is through sponsorships. Companies will pay you to feature their products in your videos or to mention them in your description box. In order to find sponsors, you will need to have a large and engaged audience.

Finally, you can also sell products through your YouTube channel. This could include creating your own merchandise or partnering with other brands.

While there are a number of ways to make money on YouTube without making videos, it is important to remember that the vast majority of successful YouTubers do create videos. Video content is what keeps viewers coming back for more, and it is also what helps you to build a following and grow your brand.


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