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My name is Jeff Schuman and I am the owner and publisher of Here I am with my wife of 34 years, Diane.

I have been a full time Internet marketer since 2006. Before that I was a Top 5 Sales Rep for a Fortune 500 company doing over $3.5 Million a year in sales volume. It was a great job with a great company, but after almost 20 years I was ready for something else. Starts

In 2002 when doing a Google search for “make money online” I came across a link for the Warrior Forum. I went there and became addicted to everything about Internet marketing.

I decided to start and teach people how to make money online since that is what I was interested in. Over a 10 year period I rose to the top of Google for over 5100 keywords including really good ones such as “make money, make money online, and make money at home”.

In 2006 I started a blog on my website and TeamSchuman decided to start writing blog articles for all of the affiliates I was getting emails from everyday. We did this for about 6 years and wrote over 35,000 articles for customers.

Google Penguin

In 2012 Google did an algorithm change called Google Penguin. Because was built using article directory backlinks for rankings, as well as other things, we lost our SEO traffic overnight. So did most of our customers who had built affiliate websites and used article directories for backlinks.

I had been having health issues including 4 cardiac arrests and 2 heart attacks, so I decided to back off and take a break from Internet marketing. Other then a few customers I wrote for I did not do any Internet marketing for the past 7 years.

Until now…..

I decided to get TeamSchuman going and start writing for customer affiliate and network marketing blogs as well. If you are not sure if you should hire an seo blog writer read this article first.

I also joined Wealthy Affiliate to help people who do not have a blog start one. You can take their free 10 course lesson on how to start a profitable online business and I guarantee you will learn a lot. You do not even need a credit card to join.

While you are here…..

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